Low voltage final circuits - that you operate everyday, are assumed to be safe until a small spark creates a fire that changes everything

Did you investigate why you got an electric shock while using any appliance?

Why do we often hear about fire due to short circuit in hospitals, offices & other established buildings?

Did you ever notice any burning smell or smoke around your distribution board?

When did you last get electrical safety test carried out at your premise?

Fire due to short circuit is more frequent & dangerous than you thought, Some recent facts..

Electrical incidents are far more likely to be fatal. In India, Electrocution kills nearly 30 Indians a day i.e. close to 10,000 lives are lost every year.

Source: NCRB

Preventive measures carried out twice a year help bring down failure rates of electrical equipment on an average by 60%.

Source: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

75% of 13,185 incidents of fire were caused due to defective electric circuit as reported by Mumbai fire department

Source: http://www.rtifoundationofindia.com/

In US alone, electricity is the cause of more than 140,000 fires each year. Total economic losses due to electrical hazards are estimated to exceed $4 billion annually.

Source: https://ilt.safetynow.com/

In US, treatment for moderate burns may cost $206,853 or more, if there are complications. For severe burns treated without complications, the average cost tops the million dollar mark at $1,617,345. With complications, a severe burn can cost more than $10 million to treat successfully.

Source: Claims by various Law firms

Short circuit is the most common cause of fire in major hospitals of India. 72.72% accidents occurred at night of which casualties were reported in 39% of the fire incidents.

Source: Original Research Article


Electrosenze services give you confidence & peace of mind


Our test methods are designed for the final load circuits – which are most often responsible for electrical faults leading to Electrocution & Fire


We provide the same industry standards, methods, tools and instruments (as used in high voltage systems) for smaller circuits of low voltage systems. Thus, we focus on a neglected area that often is the cause of electrical faults


We use imported test instruments that are IEC compliant and specifically designed for Low Voltage systems


We follow a diagnostic approach that is commonly practiced in US, Europe, Middle East, AU, NZ, Japan and other Asia pacific countries


Our testing simulates the actual conditions that leads to fire & electrocution. One of a kind diagnostic check on low voltage system in India.


We go down to the socket, switch and extension cord level and carry out functional checks of how the defects in these components will impact the fault current and hence the tripping of the MCB


We also carry out Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) to know if resistance of the power cord can adversely impact safety


We measure final circuit and give it a safety score - so that you understand and take action


In short, we spot locate all possible electrical fault points before they can create fire

So, here’s what we do

We spot locate where
electrical safety is compromised.
  • 1. Loop impedance measurement of sockets of final load circuits-Helps ascertain if the MCB will trip in the event of a short circuit & prevent fire

  • 2. Earth resistance measurement of local earth electrode-Helps prevent electrocution & fire, protects equipment

  • 3. Thermal imaging of MCBs, ELCBs, switches, sockets & wiring-Creates a visual heat map. Spot locates the defect & the repair is pinpointed

  • 4. Testing of ELCBs/RCD-Saves lives from electrocution. Ascertains if the protective device, is sensitive, fast & reliable enough

  • 5. Portable Appliance Test (PAT)-Helps protect from electrocution against ageing, slow deterioration of appliances, power & extension cords

  • 6. Testing of power sockets for defective wiring-Checks the polarity, protects equipment & saves from electrocution

  • 7. Investigate MCBs, MCCBs-load voltage drop & LEA Analysis (Low Energy Arc analysis)-During a fault, hundreds of amperes of current flow to generate enough heat to start a fire. Ascertains the health of a very important protective device-MCB

  • 8. MCB to Load Chart preparation-To know which equipment is supplied from which MCB. Critical information under emergency conditions

Are you sure of the quality
of Air & Water at home & office?
  • (Coming Soon!)

  • 1. Air Quality Measurement

  • a. Measurement of CO, CO2, HCOH, TVOC Levels

  • b. Measurement of PM (Particulate Matter)

  • c. Measurement of SPM (Suspended Particles Measurement)

  • 2. Water Quality Measurement (Drinking Water)

  • a. Measurement of TDS

  • b. Measurement of pH Value

  • c. Measurement of Conductivity

Are you paying very high
electricity bills month after month?
  • 1. Energy meter accuracy test - Are you paying unusually high electricity bills month after month? This is an important check to ascertain whether the electricity meter may be overreading and helps to know if a formal calibration by utility is necessary.

  • 2. Checking of Heat/Cooling loss in your living space leading excess power consumption

  • 3. Power factor improvement to improve energy efficiency (Coming Soon)

Audit Parameters


Audit Points
for 50 Room Hotel


Audit Points
for a 100 seater office

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